Schedule of Upcoming Events


Schedule of Upcoming Events

We are open all Easter weekend!

Summer Luncheon
Cooking Class Presentation and Meal

Saturday June 1st @ 12 p.m., $75 + Tax
Simple, elegant lunching that is refreshing and uncomplicated will be given a special touch of panache and flare that elevates the summer luncheon experience – turning it into a work of art. An array of luncheon foods will be explored including beautiful salads, delicious sandwiches, soup, fruits and more.
Greek Odyssey
Cooking Class Presentation and Meal

Cook like a Greek God, Eat like a Greek Goddess
Saturday, June 22nd @ 12 p.m., $95 + tax

Join us as we explore the beautiful cuisine of Greek kitchens. Let Renee take you on a journey through Greece as you discover all the fresh foods, grilled meats and colorful salads that make us excited to imagine ourselves in the land of Zeus and Athena. If you close your eyes you may actually feel a warm Mediterranean breeze.

To reserve your seat at our table call 905-885-9250 or stop by.
Please have method of payment ready when calling.