Gift Baskets at Herma's! Make a grand statement.

Gift Baskets at Herma’s! Make a grand statement.

Gift Baskets at Herma’s!

Herma has been creating gift baskets for over 25 years. She actually began her career in gourmet foods and gifts creating corporate gift baskets. As you may well imagine, this aspect of her multi-faceted store is very important to her.

Herma takes great pride in creating gift baskets that make a grand statement. After all, isn’t that what gift baskets are all about? Gift baskets are meant to woo those receiving them. The recipient should feel overwhelmed by the grandeur of the basket and all the decadent foods, chocolates, and comfort items found within.

Ordering your gift basket…

Call 905-885-9250 or stop by. Give us the price range you are working with along with an idea as to what type of items should be found inside. We’ll take care of the rest. -or- Get specific. Stop by and choose items yourself. We are brimming over with gourmet foods, chocolates, and giftware.

Base on which items sit and merchandise used to fill basket must be purchased in-store. A bottle of wine, however, may be added.

Herma’s Gift Basket, Pampered with Body Care

Herma’s Gift Basket, Tea for Two

Herma’s Gift Basket, Italian Springtime (wrapped gift certificate included)


Herma’s Gift Basket, Sweet Tooth, Christmas


Herma’s Gift Basket, Italian Autumn


Herma’s Multiple Gift Basket Order, Christmas


Herma’s Gift Basket, Christmas


Herma’s Gift Basket, Goodies for the Kitchen

Herma’s Gift Basket, Pamper with Body Care and Chocolates, Christmas


Herma’s Multiple Gift Basket Order, Christmas

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